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Does Gluten Sensitivity Exist? Debunking the Recent Headlines

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Recent health headlines proclaimed gluten sensitivity doesn’t exist, fueling a backlash against the gluten-free diet as a baseless fad. These stories point to a recent study questioning the relationship between non-celiac gluten sensitivity and digestive symptoms. Sadly, they mislead the public by glossing over major points of research and cherry-picking information to debunk gluten sensitivity. The study looked at […]

Jonathan Ames, creator of HBO’s “Bored to Death” discusses one of his character’s gluten allergy

bored to death

I’m always happy to come across mentions of the gluten-free diet on television or in film. For fans of the HBO series Bored to Death, you might be interested to know about a recent plot twist from episode 16 in season 2 that didn’t quite make the cut. The character, Irwin (played by Jonathan Ames, […]

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