Raw Zucchini Noodles and a Thai-Inspired Chicken Curry from Tasty Eats At Home

I’ve tried a lot of different gluten-free pasta in the last decade and they all vary greatly in terms of quality. Almost all are made from ingredients like corn or rice which in turn can create more problems. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I discovered that you could make a really great tasting pasta out of zucchini — for me, that was a dream come true — a grain-free alternative to pasta with a light calorie and carb load. If you like this, be sure to check out cauliflower as a substitute for rice, mashed potatoes, and even a pizza crust (I know that sounds odd, but it is so so good).

In terms of the zucchini pasta, check out this amazing recipe from Alta Mantsch of Tasty Eats At Home. Pairing chicken curry with the raw zucchini noodles is a perfect choice for lunch or dinner (or even breakfast for someone like me who loves leftovers).

This is definitely an easy weeknight curry. I didn’t make the curry paste from scratch. (shocker, I know) I used Thai Kitchen red curry paste. This made the whole dish come together much more quickly. While it’s not a traditional Thai curry (I haven’t seen many Thai curries with red cabbage and yellow squash…I just threw them in there because I had a ton of vegetables in the house that needed to be eaten, and it sounded tasty to me.), the flavors still worked well together. It was warm, slightly spicy, and comforting – all great attributes in a curry. (Aren’t saucy curries like, the ultimate comfort food? They are to me – and it doesn’t matter if it’s an Indian curry, a Thai curry, a Jamaican curry, or a totally-new-invention curry. They all make my belly happy.) And those zucchini noodles? They kept it from feeling heavy. In the summer, that’s a definite plus…”

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