Rosemary Parsnip Home Fries from Real Sustenance

I can’t say that I agree with Brittany’s (Real Sustenance) comment about not being crazy about parsnips, but her Rosemary Parsnip Home Fries will make anyone a fan. I’d even go as far as saying that you might even like it better than real home fries. I’ve been making something similar to this to go with my eggs and I can never get enough.

Beyond the home fries, there are so many different things to do with parsnips — check out these posts for some fantastic ideas.

…If like me, you aren’t generally crazy about parsnips I think you will be pleasently surprised with this healthy recipe idea. Cooked in this way they taste more like delicious starchy potatoes, than a vegetable. The key is to use plenty of oil. Don’t be shy! I always have on hand coconut and grape seed oil. Both taste great here.

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