An Idea We Could All Live By

I just came across this image on the blog of Adam Fields. I can think of so many ways that it would reshape the world we live in — the only ones that would lose would be the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and health insurance industries as well as the hordes of food industry lobbyists in Washington. Follow this idea and you can change yourself and the world for the better.

About Chris Armstrong

I created the Celiac Handbook website in 2004. It has evolved into a portal for new (and old) ideas related to healthy and sustainable gluten-free living and avoiding the usual pitfalls of the gluten-free junk food market.

  • Teri Knight

    As a member of the healthcare industry, I take exception to your comment that we would lose if this were implemented. ANYTHING that promotes healthy eating/lifestyles is fine with us, it gives us more time to take care of the people who need us most……..those that are truly ill! BTW have you had your flu shot yet?????????????

  • Chris Armstrong

    Hi Teri, my comment about the healthcare industry is definitely too broad and too much of a generalization. I will look for a way to rephrase that in a way that doesn’t include the many caring healthcare professionals out there. Thank you for your comment and my coming clarification.

  • Sarah Sapperstein

    i think the gluten free community has a long way to go before embracing the “dont eat crap” philosophy. most of the gluten free food industry is based entirely around processed foods that are low in nutritional value and high in sugars. i think only when doctors start emphasizing the importance of REAL NUTRITION in the context of changing a celiacs diet will we do better on this. not to mention REAL juices can be an awesome way of getting fruit and nutrition and i have always thought it was unfair to put them in the same category as soda….

  • Chris Armstrong

    @Sarah, I couldn’t agree with you more. MOST gluten-free packaged food is almost entirely junk food and should be avoided. I promoted much of it early on, but have since moved onto recommending food that is naturally gluten-free — in other words, real food. As I’ve said over and over again, a cupcake is a cupcake is a cupcake. We need to change the perception of gluten-free to be more than gluten-free cakes and cookies and make people first think of meats, veggies, and fruit as their first choice in healthy gluten-free eating.

  • Chris Armstrong

    @Sarah, the problem with juice is that it takes so much fruit to get just one glass of juice. You’re much better off simply eating the fruit.

  • Ariane Broome

    Irene: a flu shot almost killed me once, so no. In fact, never again.

    More to the immediate point, I disagree with this “plate ” business. Not only are the portions STILL WRONG, but this is promoted by some INCREDIBLY BIASED sources, like the beef/cattle industry. To me this plate is less the effort of the current first lady to promote a balanced diet, and more of a political move on the part of interested parties to control what I buy and therefore eat. Even as I struggle to buy gluten-free foods at a reasonable cost, I also find myself being told “eat this because it’s what we allow you to have” through the availability of product options…

  • Ariane Broome

    *Teri, not Irene. Apologies. It’s been a long and arduous day.

  • Chris Armstrong

    The plate concept and the idea of portion size become less important if the focus is on “Real Food”.

  • Food-Paul

    I think the new pyramid is still flawed and not to mention made by folks who want you to eat badly, although a whole lot nicer looking. You still would NEED someone who is well versed in nutrition like a nutritionist or someone who studies dietary theories and can help implement them like a Certified Health Coach to get the right foods in your body….with that said, the mock up you have a above is awesome and so darn simple! I love that fact that you said “a cupcake is a cupcake.” Although it is an extreme example, your point is well made as there are many ‘quote on quote’ HEALTHY foods out there that are just junk foods in cereal boxes masquerading as such. As if the words stamped on a box to say “whole grain” mean anything when sugar and all sorts of UN-pronounceable ingredients are in the very same box. Heck, I can go on and on but I think I have ranted enough…thanks everyone.

  • Gail Haines

    Great concept and one that has been around a long time. Referencing the graphic. Easy to get astray and take exceptions to words. Yes, I miss convenience foods for the convenience but not for the taste.

  • Sarah Sapperstein

    Re: the juice- it can be a great option for people who have trouble with fiber or need ways to increase water intake (water by itself pretty much makes me sick). everyone needs to talk to their DOCTOR AND NUTRITIONIST about their own body’s needs and what works best for them.

  • Kim

    With all due respect, you are assuming all have the choice. There is a portion of the population that lacks the access and the education necessary to make healthy lifestyling possible. I believe this plate is designed to correct the later by identifying what you should eat like fruits and vegetables which is more specific than “processed crap”. It is important to relalize that our reality is not everyone’s.

  • Rhonnie

    I like that. Much more accurate. Most ideals are based on the idea that ‘one size fits all’. So completely untrue. This works.
    I’m pretty much restricted to whole foods now. Not that I’m complaining. With my general health record, I should be in much worse condition.
    Juice is pretty much sugar. Especially most of the stuff in the store. Juice is best when putting whole product in the blender or juicer, obliterating completely, and then drinking. No additives. Just stuff. And the RIGHT sugar. Yes.