Grain-Free Everything Crackers from Zenbelly

I love, love, love finding new blogs that I haven’t seen before and even better when they have so many great ideas for healthy gluten-free snacks (or in this case a paleo-friendly snack). Zenbelly is one such blog — it’s from San Francisco Catering Chef, Simone Schifnadel. While I don’t miss things like bagels or toast, when I saw this post for Everything Crackers, it did take me back quite a few years and remembering the smell and taste of an “Everything Bagel”.  The strong and beautiful smell of the garlic and onion would make me close my eyes in total bliss as I would bite into it and savor the intense flavors. These are crackers and grain-free crackers at that, so you won’t be getting the soft and chewy texture of a bagel, but for me, the intense flavor is far more important and then knowing that I’m not killing myself by eating something as awful as a bagel make me feel really satisfied with a snack like this. One word of warning though, don’t try kissing your significant other after these — they may not enjoy the second-hand garlic and onion experience nearly as much as you did.

“There are plenty of gluten-free crackers out there. Some are a bit dangerous to our expensive dental work, while some are no healthier than their gluten laden counter parts. They are often made of rice flour, potato starch, and plenty of other ingredients that we could all live without.

These, my paleo friends, are a whole ‘nother story. Not only are they paleo, but they couldn’t be simpler to throw together when you’re craving something crunchy, or are feeling nostalgic about your cracker eating days. These crackers are very reminiscent of an everything bagel, something this east coast Jewish girl misses quite often…”

Read the full post & get the recipe

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